Gorge Soccer is proud to announce the second year of GSL 5v5 outdoor starting in early April. This 8 week league located in The Dalles is not only a great way to transition from indoor to outdoor soccer, its also a great place to start putting academy learned skills to use!  We have had teams sign up from Hood River, Goldendale, White Salmon, and The Dalles! Available for boys and girls 5-18 years of age. Teams will play in the age group of their oldest player. (Please refer to the Age Chart for your child's age group).  Players may play on multiple teams, but can only play for 1 team per age group once playoffs begin.

Games will be played on Sundays.

If weather becomes an issue, the games will be played in the Chenoweth Middle School gymnasium.

Additional League and Registration Information:

  • $270.00 Per Team Cost (payment plans available when registering) - You build your team.
  • Nike equipment discount for registered teams.
  • Teams may have no more then 9 players rostered.
  • 6 Team maximum for each age group.
  • 7 games guaranteed.
  • Each player/parent must sign a waiver.
  • Game will be forfeited if opposing team does not have at least 4 outfield players and a goalie 5 minutes after regularly scheduled start time.



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